Uniform coverage refers to the consistent and equal distribution of water throughout a given area. When the coverage is uniform, equal amounts of water fall at equal rates everywhere. When coverage is not uniform, the system must operate as long and as frequently as it takes to maintain minimum coverage in the weakest areas. This causes excessive over watering, (flooding), in the stronger areas. Example: If a poorly designed system must run 30 to 45 minutes every day, then a well-designed system may only require 30 minutes once or twice a week. We apply this principle to every irrigation design.


Hydro zoning refers to the separation of areas with different water requirements so that they can operate completely independent of one another. Some examples of areas with very different water needs are: grass, flowers, shrubs and groundcovers, sunny areas, shady areas, exposed areas, enclosed areas, slopes...etc. Your grass does not need to be watered nearly as often as your flowers, and your shady areas not nearly as often as your sunny ones. Our irrigation designs reflect the specific needs of each site with flexibility for future landscape changes.


Irrigation scheduling refers to the programming of an irrigation system to reflect the various water requirements throughout your yard. We combine our extensive knowledge of plant needs, soil properties, and seasonal considerations with our irrigation expertise to provide the optimum watering schedule tailored to each sites individual needs.


Also, we can provide you with the latest sensors and weather station technology from various companies including Hunter, Rain  Bird, Toro, etc. These sensors are able to calculate irrigation schedules to replenish only the water that is actually needed for plant and soil conditions in any given season. This will aid you in eliminating wasteful watering.

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